About CaféNET

CaféNET is the way to go when you want to wirelessly surf the Web and do your emails quickly and in comfort. You can also access your corporate network from CaféNET when you are away from the office. CaféNET provides the best value, easiest, fastest, and most convenient access there is to the Web and email. And it does it without the hassle and inconvenience of cables.


CaféNET Hotspots

Hotspots are locations were you can connect to CaféNET wirelessly.  We have set them up in convenient places like cafés, food halls, restaurants, meeting places, libraries and even in private offices. You can find a list of these places in the CaféNET Zones section.

Your device will detect you are in range of a hotspot when it sees the 'cafenet' network SSID.  As data is sent to you wirelessly, the speed and stability of your connection may be affected by the distance from the hotspot, and interference from walls etc.  If your computer can see the SSID, but its not performing very well, try getting closer to the hotspot - CaféNET should be very fast when you are in range.

All you need to access CaféNET right now is a laptop or smart phone. 


CaféNET Benefits

  • Enjoy up to 54Mbps of wireless connection speed
  • Simple registration process
  • No term contract required, just pay as you go
  • Simple on-line credit card payment, or
  • Purchase a pre-paid token from one of these locations
  • Surf wirelessly all over town