Products and Services

CaféNET provides high-speed Wi-Fi wireless Internet access in public locations such as cafés, airports, hotels, conference venues, university campuses, train stations and other business and public locations.

CaféNET Network

This robust network is made for speed with at least a 10Mbit/s Ethernet connection to every location. Using either a laptop or PDA that is Wi-Fi 802.11bg wirelessly-enabled, download your email attachments, watch a live webcast, or listen to streaming audio. Connect wirelessly, effortlessly to New Zealand's largest public Wi-Fi network.

Right away, you'll see the benefits of a service that works to ensure a smooth connection to your world and seamless integration with your existing Internet tools. What you won't see is a change in the speed or service when you use it in different locations.

Purchasing Services

CaféNET services are prepaid, all services can be purchased on-line using a credit card or you can go to a nominated store to purchase a pre-paid token with cash or EFT-POS.