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CafeNET allows customers to surf the web or check their e-mail while enjoying the awesome Wellington Cafe culture! Whether you are visiting Wellington on business or pleasure, or you live or work in the CBD you can stay connected with CafeNET. CafeNET is available in cafes, hotels, conference venues, university campuses, train stations and other business and public locations in downtown Wellington.

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In Wellington CafeNET is owned and operated by CityLink Ltd, New Zealand's most innovative broadband networking company.

Wellington Zone News

The Green Man Pub

New CafeNET Location, Cnr Victoria & Williston Street. Enjoy a coffee or beer in a relaxing environment while using CafeNET.
25 Feb 2009 |  More

The Film Archives Cafe

Check out our latest CafeNET location at 84 Taranaki Street.
15 May 2007 |  More

CafeNET in Auckland

Robert Harris Cafe, Level 2, 125 Queen Street, Auckland
13 Apr 2007 |  More