CafeNET WiFi powered by Vector Communications

CafeNET WiFi is available in Auckland.

To date we have CafeNET WiFi at:

  • Downstairs Food Court, 125 Queen Street,
  • Robert Harris Cafe, Level 2, 125 Queen Street
  • Level 4 of Brookfields House, 19 Victoria Street,
  • Sierra Cafe Newmarket, 123 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket,
  • Caffe Massimo Takapuna, 1/3 The Strand, Takapuna
  • Takapuna Library, The Strand, Takapuna
  • FAI House, Corner of Victoria Street and Queen Street (Ground floor)
  • De La Creme Cafe, 7-9 Fanshawe Street (old Microsoft House)
  • Caffe Greco, 48 Wyndham Street (opposite St Patrick's Cathedral)
  • Bistro Arena, Vector Arena, 42 Mahuhu Crescent, Parnell

CafeNET Auckland is provided by Vector Communications and Citylink.

If you are a Citylink or Vector Communications customer we can put CafeNET in your office too.